Developer: Dusty Games

Genre: Real-time Tactical JRPG

Release DateSummer 2017

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux





Chronicle of Ruin is a real-time tactical JRPG that blends the strategic depth and large-scale army command of TRPGs with classic JRPG features and real-time elements to create an exciting new game unlike anything that's come before it. Inspired by timeless classics such as Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy Tactics, Chronicle of Ruin's ultimate goal is to both pay homage to these all-time greats and push their formulas forward in new and interesting ways.


This game draws its primary inspiration from one long-neglected and sorely missed series: the Ogre Battle games of the SNES and Nintendo 64. Even today, nearly twenty years since the West last saw the series, its distinctive mix of real-time tactics and JRPG-lite elements occupies its own lonesome niche, so much so that it still defies classification of any generally used genre or sub-genre. But while those games continue to stand as classics, Chronicle of Ruin aims to expand upon the forumula, and so it interweaves a modern take on the exploration and combat seen in equally classic, but more traditional, JRPGs like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger.

  • TRPG meets JRPG, with a real-time twist - Experience a unique gameplay fusion of the large-scale army management of a TRPG in with the intimate elements of classic JRPGs, tied together with real-time map control.


  • An Engrossing Narrative - Journey with a cast of memorable, complex characters through a vividly detailed and morally ambiguous world.


  • An Army at Your Command - Lead an army that grows from a handful of unseasoned units to up to 50 veteran fighters.


  • Nearly 40 Character Classes - Shape your army as you see fit by managing your units growth among 28 standard classes and 10 unique hero classes.


  • A New Take on Strategic Turn-based Combat - Battle in a refined version of the classic combat system designed for creating engaging tactical encounters with focused on class interplay, timing, and intelligent battle management.


  • Dozens of Meticulously Crafted Stages -  Adventure through detailed stages that combine the unique characters and compelling stories of JRPGs with the the strategic demands of TRPGs.


  • Deep Character Customization - Customize each of your units through a wide range of equipment option, hands-on stat growth, and flexible class design so that no two are alike


  • An Expansive Crafting System - Outfit your army yourself by crafting everything from mundane consumables to legendary weapons and armor.

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