The world stands blind at the edge of the abyss, and one false step will send it plummeting into ruin

Oathborn: The Chronicle of Ruin is a grand-scale SRPG that charges you with leading a band of soldiers  through a dangerous, desperate world of shifting alliances and arcane oblivion.

Inspired by classics like Ogre Battle, Suikoden II, and Final Fantasy Tactics, Oathborn is a game about strategic decision-making, compelling characters, and a story with no promises of happy ends or easy answers.


  • Command your troops at every level - Control your units through the three modes of gameplay: real-time tactics, turn-based combat, and traditional JRPG-style exploration.

  • Customize your soldiers with a myriad of systems - Strategize and experiment with more than 36 classes, 10 heroes, hundreds of pieces of equipment and augments, and finely-tuned control over each unit's statistical growth.

  • Vanquish your enemies in an invigorating take on turn-based combat - Knowledge is power, and victory comes most quickly to those with mastery over all facets of combat and its combatants.

  • Explore from the edges to the depths of a new fantasy world - Visit hundreds of locales, from bursting, bustling cities to beautiful, desolate deserts, to the deepest, darkest caverns, and all of the world in between.

  • Discover a complex, engaging story inspired by the best of the classics - Experience it first hand through dozens of wildly varied missions spanning the world over 25-30 hours of tightly-paced gameplay.


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